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You can listen to Children's Christian Music on this CD of 17 songs for Children. Included are nine scripture verse songs, while the rest will teach your children Christian values. This was Ruth Andrieux's first album of Children's Christian Music. You can go here to buy the music digitally.
You can Learn 42 Bible Verses with music. This CD has 42 Scripture verse songs for you and your child to memorize. Click on this CD's picture to listen to these scriptures set to music. Your child will be singing these 'catchy' Bible verse songs to you, so don't wait any longer. You could also buy the digital tracks by going here.
This CD has 10 Bible memory verses for VBS: 5 are in English and the same 5 Bible verse songs have different tunes in Spanish. We used it in that year's VBS. Go here to listen and buy this album's digital tracks. Esta CD tiene cinco versiculo de la Biblia por su ninos a estudia.
Enjoy some Christian Blue Grass, Christian inspirational, Bible Verses songs and other tunes. Enjoy singing with Les and Ruth Andrieux as they sing together God's praises. you can go to this link to buy the music digitally.
This Bible Verse CD centers around having fun on the ranch for VBS. Everyday we had the students sing a different Bible verse at VBS. They were able to take God's word home with these11 delightful Scripture Verse tunes. You can buy the tracks digitally here .
"Let's Get Wild for Jesus", Has 5 Bible verse songs to learn along with the exciting theme song, "Let's Get Wild for Jesus". Listen to this album's song by clicking on the picture of the CD. Go here to buy the digital track.
Celebrate the Christmas Season with Jesus in the center. Enjoy some Bible verse songs are about Jesus' birth. Or you can go here to obtain this music digitally.
We'll Power Up with Jesus" Has 10 Bible Verse Songs. Buy them for your children, so they can learn God's word and place it in their hearts. You can now buy it's mp3's at Amazon here
"Bible Verses for the King's Children"-- This CD of 5 Bible verses set to music, is from the Children's International Bible .Buy this CD for your children, so they can learn God's word and place it in their hearts. You can now buy it's mp3's at Amazon here
Thou Art Worthy, O Lord-This lovely CD has 42 Bible verse songs that your favorite child or student needs to listen to and learn. Click on the eighth note to listen to a sample of it's music. Visit here to obtain this album's track digitally.








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Soak up some inspirational or Gospel music as you listen to Ruth Andrieux's first album of Christian music. Has three Bible verse songs and other old favorites like "Only Me", "Never Alone" and "Jesus Will Hold My Hand". Hear Ruth and her sister Renee Zaharie sing together, like they did when they were kids.
Thy Way, O God, is in the Sanctuary-CD -This CD contains 45 Bible verses of scripture music to help us undersstand the truth of the sanctuary. Visit here to listen to all the samples of this CD.
The Greatest is Charity-CD and DVD-This DVD and CD Contains the music for the whole chapter of 1st Corinthians 13. Ruth Andrieux and the Ruth Andrieux choir sing the chapter, as well as the "Golden Rule". Visit here to learn more about it.
Written in Stone-CD and DVD-This DVD and CD Contains the 10 Commandments and 7 other Bible Verses that support observance of the 10 Commandments. Visit here to learn more about it.
We Will Praise the Lord-This CD of 13 Bible Verse songs are fun for your favorite child or student to listen to and sing. Click on the note to listen to a sample of it's music.Click here to obtain it's music digitally.
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